build website in django framework with complete package

We have 15+ Years Experience in Python, Django web framework, Writing Python Scripts, Web Scraping, Web Automation, and API Work. 

Here is what you will get in GIG Packages:

Common Work:

  • Add Share & Follow Social Buttons
  • Indexing Table (Google, Analytics, Yandex, Bing)
  • Deploy Your APP where you want
  • Django Admin Dashboard (Filtration will be depended on the package)
  • Sitemap and Robot Text File

Silver Django:
  • Simple Database Work (1 custom table)
  • No Authorization work such as Register and Login

Gold Django:
  • Database (up-to 3 custom tables)
  • Simple Authorization Work such as Register Form and Login 

Platinum Django:
  • Database (up-to Requirements)
  • Authorization Work with Social Logins as well

Our Expertise:
  • Python 3
  • Django Web Framework
  • Web Scraping Using Requests, HTML, Beautiful Soup and Scrappy Framework
  • Work with APIs
  • Make Tools In Django such as youtube video downloader, Instagram Downloader
  • Search Engine Optimation For custom Site and Wordpress
  • Theme Customization