make an advanced nodejs application

NodeJS is currently the best method of Web Development. It has various features over other setups, most importantly is the non-blocking IO or Asynchronous paradigm. It takes time to make a Flawless Application with all of the following concerns.

★ Secure End Points and Authentication.
★ Fast, Optimized and Reliable Performance.
★ Version Control and Migrations.

We are here to solve any such problem for you. We have worked on well over 700 NodeJS Apps and the work we do includes.

☆ Improving performance and reducing unnecessary load on the system
☆ Making Code smarter and readable
☆ Adding Login & Sign Up Features (Including FB, Twitter and Google services)
☆ Databases

Our expertise bracket includes
★ Multiple Frameworks (Express, Koa, Restify)
★ Multiple DBMS (MongoDB/Mongoose, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
★ File uploads and processing
★ Communication with other servers and External APIs
★ Beautiful Single Page Applications
★ CronJobs + Automation
★ Admin Panel and AJAX Forms
★ Machine Learning (at a small scale)
★ Custom Module Engineering