develop a web app with vue and django

We will be able to contribute to your next project with a secure, readable, beautiful and scalable code infrastructure that will suit your business needs.

  • Backend: I use Django and Django-rest-framework to create the API/Backend in Python - which is helping to write a very secure and maintainable code in no time. 

  • As for asynchronous tasks i use Celery and Celery-Beat for the scheduled tasks

  • Frontend - i use the amazing Vue.js framework to create beautiful, dynamic Single-page apps or Vue-native apps. For extra fast prototyping and delivery - i can use the Django templating system or Jinja2 as well.

  • The app will be dockerized and easily deployable to any supporting hosting provider such as Heroku/AWS/DigitalOcean

We will also able to contribute with Dev-ops related tasks like Continuous integration using Jenkins/CircleCI or any platform you choose to work with, or just core linux tasks managing.